Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Spa Day

The sloppy sideways rain made it's way back to the Northwest, so when my friend Lara texted me and asked if I wanted to go get a massage...Hell YES!!! A little guilt must have set in, because we agreed to work out first. After a great workout, we had a healthy lunch at Garlic Crush. We split a Gyro Salad, Pita and Tzatziki and a lot of WATER.
Gyro Salad...mmm!
Garlic Crush on UrbanspoonThen we were off to Bliss in Bellevue. The people at Bliss have introduced a new concept in massage. The set-up was similar to many nail salons, several chairs all lined up, however, not nearly as close. The lighting was very dim and soft music was playing. When your seat is available, the greeter offers either a detox tea or coffee. Later another person takes your massage order. All they really asked was Soft, Medium, or Hard.
I have had many massages in my life, especially when I worked at an athletic club. This concept is a little different. Impersonal, but served it's purpose. I am use to stripping down and talking to the masseuse and telling them what hurts, what's sore, or let them know I want a relaxing rub.
The masseuse brings out a wood bucket with warm water and scented salts. I picked Apricot and tangerine. They start with your feet, when they are done, they go straight to your head, then work down. I said I wanted a Hard massage and WOW, I felt like the cookie dough I have been rolling out lately. Nothing painful, so worth every minute.
As we were leaving Bliss, they said make sure you drink a lot of water. We didn't bother telling them we were on out way to a little wine tasting.
Last stop was Chateau Ste. Michelle in Woodinville. I have never been there on a winter day, but I highly recommend a winter visit. The place is empty and there are a lot of cute gift ideas for purchase in the wine tasting room. We tried 4 different wines and 2 dessert wine. YUM.
Great ending to a fun day!

Chateau Ste. Michelle on Urbanspoon

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