Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Trophy Cupcake

What started out as a little walk, then turned into the Battle of the Cupcakes!!! I am almost OVER the whole cupcake craze, thinking, "I am so over cupcakes already!" along comes Trophy Cupcake. Not a new player in the Seattle cupcake arena, but I decided long ago, I don't like to support the national chain cupcake places, sorry NY Cupcake, and I love Cupcake Royale...everyone else, "GO AWAY!!"

Not impressed by the Candy Shop look of Trophy Cupcake, lacks a little in character. The cupcakes all lined up in a Stepford Wife sort-of-way, they didn't really appeal to me. My husband went ahead and ordered the Bourbon Eggnog and an espresso, then turned to me and said, "Do you want anything?" My heart said, No, but my eyes said, "Get the Red Velvet!"

My cousin Melissa and her boyfriend Toby were with us so they also ordered the adorable Chocolate Candy Cane cupcake.
OK, the taste test begins... First I sliced the Red Velvet into 4 pieces. In my opinion, dry and too crumbly. Nothing to brag to my sister Maria about, who is a devout Georgetown cupcake devotee and claims has the Best Red Velvet Cupcake on the planet.

Second...MMMMMMMM! Bourbon Eggnog. Moist. Sweet with a slight hint of Bourbon. Hands down winner.

Third, almost forgot, the Chocolate Candy Cane. Wait, wait, wait! The texture of the cake was perfect. Moist, bittersweet chocolate with thick, creamy peppermint frosting.

I am still giving the Bourbon Eggnog the winning "Trophy" for this cupcake tasting. Although the Chocolate Candy Cane was good, the flavor combination on the Bourbon Eggnog was the more original of the two...YUM!
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