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Don't cook at out!!! OK, everyone is crazy this time of year so take advantage of the great places to eat in Seattle. A great place, to either meet up with friends, have a family dinner, or bring out-of-town guests, is Tavolata in Belltown. I recently took my husband to Tavolata for a late dinner. That's right, I took him, I picked the place and I paid the bill. Well worth it.The host was young and friendly, we arrived after 8 pm, so there was no real wait for a table. Our server was very attentive and we got our cocktails right away. Did I mention it was a cold night? Having been served our cocktails right away was great!!! Tavolata has a creative "Cocktail" selection on their menu with some of their house creations, however, they also have the Classics like Bourbon, rocks or neat, Gin Martini, and the 'Cosmo'politan.

Take your time and sip your cocktail while you read the menu, there were so many yummy things, one of everything would have been a nice option.

We chose one starter, the Grilled and Marinated Calamari with Corona Beans, Meyer Lemon and Pine Nuts. So GOOD. I've been avoiding carbs, thanks to all the Holiday sweets, but we couldn't waste a drop of the vinaigrette the calamari was tossed in, so we just had to order Foccacia.

The menu at Tavolata changes all the time, which I think is great, however, the calamari was so good, I hope they have this on their menu again when I return.

We should have ordered another starter, but I was saving my calories for dessert. Shortly after we sat down, a friend of mine, Bernadette, was just leaving with her friends. They all highly recommended the Bread Pudding. Mmmm, I could hardly wait.

I should mention... The wine selection is quite good at Tavolata. My husband works in the wine business, so I usually put him in charge of the wine selection. There were mostly Italian wines. We finally settled on a nice 2006 Sangiovese & Syrah Blend for just under $50.00.

***Attention, I should also mention: Don't forget to bring your corks into Tavolata through the end of the year for $$$ off of your bill. Support Cork Re-Harvest! And you can link to the Cork Reharvest website... and see the other participating partners around the NW and west coast.

OK, if they have it on the menu, order the Conchiglie Nero Gulf Prawn Puttanesca. Oh My God! I've mentioned before that I had a roommate from Italy, who was the best cook ever, well I use to think she made the best Puttanesca ever...(sorry Paola), but Tavolata has the best Puttanesca ever!!! When the Pasta Puttanesca arrives to the table, it is buried in bread crumbs. Our server told us to make sure to give it a good stir. Once you mix the pasta, all the yummy goodies appear, prawns, olives...I loved it!
My husband ordered the Ravioli with Pork Cheek, Lacinato Kale, and Chantrelle Mushrooms. I wasn't in the mood for raviolis, especially since I was so into my Pasta Puttanesca. OK, the ravioli was awesome too. Very different from my pasta. Milder flavors which work so well together. Mmmmmm!

I have to say, all the Pasta on the menu sounded good. I told my husband that I need to lose a little weight so I can gain it all back in Tavolata Pasta. What? I'm being serious!

The night we dined at Tavolata, Seattle was experiencing a serious cold snap, so I would suggest sitting close to the open kitchen on cold nights. I was pretty cold while sitting in the little side booths, but I was on a date and opted for a little privacy.

I don't have a good picture of the Warm Bread Pudding, but I will tell you this, "When I took a bite of the bread pudding, I forgot that it was a cold winter night and found myself at that Warm Fuzzy Place!!!" So Delicious. Worth every Carb.

If you find yourself in a quandary over "What to do for Dinner?" Go to Tavolata. The music selection is fun and funky and the Casual yet Hip environment is welcoming and perfect for any group or special date!

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