Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Obsession: Boom Noodle

Chic Environment where Communal eating is an option...

Asian Inspired, but has their own identity...

Pure, PERFECT, taste awakening!

Executive Chef Jonathan Hunt
...and there's a Hottie in the kitchen!

My recent visit was not my first one to Boom Noodle. I have dined at the Boom Noodle in Capitol Hill many times. This recent visit was to the newer Eastside location.

OK, so the Northwest, especially Seattle, is full of noodle houses. We're all critics of pho, ramen, and udon, since we think we invented Pan-Asian in Seattle. Well, Boom Noodle is not trying to be another asian noodle place. For those of you who might have travelled over the pond and experienced communal noodle eating at Wag-a-mama, Boom Noodle is not that either. Boom Noodle is an eating experience that has its own identity. At Boom Noodle, you can appreciate a beautiful presentation and taste a perfect balance of flavors.

When I first decided to blog about Boom Noodle, I had really intended on focussing on their great location and how Boom Noodle is the best meeting place for holiday shoppers. Great location, at both Seattle and Bellevue, and coming soon to University Village, but besides location, the food is the reason to go to Boom Noodle.

On this last visit, Executive Chef Jonathan Hunt (no relation), pointed out a few new items that have been added to the menu: Pho Ga and Pad Thai. Hmmm. I am so suspicious of pho, because there is always a fine line between the Perfect Broth and Broth that tastes like a dirty rag. You know what I mean? I was a little surprised that the garnishes were not served on the side, because I like to blend my pho, My way. I had to remind myself, this wasn't a "throw it in the bowl, Do you want Pho A, B, or C?" kind-of place. OK, the Pho at Boom Noodle is GREAT!!! The clear fragrant broth lends itself well to the rice noodles, chicken, onions, bean sprouts, cilantro, basil, lime, and jalapeno peppers.

Small Plates: Not to be forgotten...

I have to admit, the first time I ate at Boom Noodle, I avoided anything with broth and opted for nearly every small plate. Wow. Everything was so beautiful! The next few visits, same thing, I ordered the Rice Cakes, Boom Edamame Puree, Salmon Tataki, and the Green Beans. Oh, and I highly recommend the Cucumber Gimlet from the bar. I'm really a Manhattan kind-of girl, but the Cucumber Gimlet goes great with small plates. The small plates are great for sharing. It's hard to narrow down the choices for small plates at Boom Noodle, so try to go there with friends, so you can order everything!

Good Dessert at an Asian place...Yes, it's possible!

I never leave Boom Noodle without dessert, the Boom Waffle, a fresh crisp waffle with chunky azuki bean jam and ice cream. For those of you who remember when Uwajimaya use to have red bean pancakes made to order right by the seafood department...remember...YUM! Well the Boom Waffle stirs up those childhood memories with this awesome tasting dessert.

One more thing I need to mention. Boom Noodle does Take-Away!!! During this busy time of the year, who has time to cook. Not me! Eating out is preferred, but not always possible. Nearly all of the items on the Boom Noodle menu are available for Take-Away. I left Boom Noodle with one order of Pad Thai. Perfect! I took a bite when I got home...YUM! I gave the rest to my son who devoured the entire contents of the box. Just so you know, my son is UBER-Picky about his Pad Thai, because many Thai places put way too much nuoc mam, fish sauce, in the mix. Again, home run for Boom Noodle, "Tastes Great and your family will love it!"

Boom Noodle on Urbanspoon
Boom Noodle on Urbanspoon

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