Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bacon: I love you, I Hate You!!!

I can only speak for Seattle, but it appears that Bacon, Pork Belly, Pig Fat, Whatever, has taken over for the recently overused Foie Gras in the Northwest. There was a time when you couldn't go to a restaurant without seeing Foie Gras on the menu and when it wasn't clearly stated as an offering on the menu, it was sure to show up as a garnish, even on dessert...Seriously!!!

Well, the new obsession seems to be designer Bacon or Pork Belly. Don't get me wrong, I love the stuff, always have. Please, I am Filipino and born with Lechon on my silver spoon. I like to frequent John Howie's newest eatery, John Howie Steak, and whenever I see it, I roll my eyes...the Tempura Bacon. Enough already.

Confession: I want one!!! Well, my cousin and her boyfriend were in town and we went to John Howie Steak. I made a few menu suggestions, but my eyes kept going back to the Tempura Bacon. I want, I Want, I WANT!!!

In a calm way, I said, "Let's try the Tempura Bacon", palms sweating, "sounds good". A couple martinis later, the Tempura Bacon arrived. We all got a piece... OK, it's bacon! Not complaining, but it would have been good anyway. I probably won't order the Tempura Bacon again, too high in fat. Besides, there are so many other YUMMY things at John Howie Steak to order.
John Howie Steak: Tempura Fried Kurobuta Bacon with maple bacon ponzu sauce.OK, here's a better use of bacon! Saute it with lightly steamed Mustard Greens.
Cook 4 strips of bacon, not too crispy, and then chop it coarsely.
Set the bacon aside, keep the bacon pan warm on the stove.
Roughly chop a whole bunch of organic mustard greens.
If you can't find organic, that's fine, but I find the organic mustard greens less bitter and a little more tender.
Now, steam the greens until it starts to wilt.
Put the greens in the bacon pan and saute to finish.


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