Friday, January 29, 2010

Sushi Yama

OK, what's the difference between my son Tyler and my Godson, Zach? Sushi. Tyler won't touch anything that swims or comes from the waterworld and Zach loves sushi. When I say sushi, I am not referring to neophyte rolls, the stuff that's cooked, I mean the RAW spicy stuff!! All Right Zach!!!

Zach and I were running a few errands after school one day and I asked if he needed a snack. "Whatever you want", I said. I was expecting Ivar's, McDonald's...who knows.

"Sushi" Zach said. STOP THE PRESSES!!! We're going to sushi.

I admit, I wanted to take Zach to Sushi Maru, but they weren't open (weird time between lunch and dinner). So, Across the street to Sushi Yama. I have to admit, I stopped going to Sushi Yama a few years ago, when they started putting strawberries on their sushi. I tried it...Not for me.

Well, they still put strawberries on their sushi. I don't know who eats that stuff, but WHY?

Well, Zach made all the selections, no Strawberry sushi...

Sushi Yama is just OK. Not the greatest atmosphere and the sushi is just OK.
Let's get started... Tuna Rolls.

The Dragon Roll. Everything all in one.

OK, I made him eat his vegetables! Tempura.

Spicy Tuna Skin

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