Sunday, January 24, 2010

Football Food: Wing Dome

Every now and then, my son gets to pick where we're going for dinner. YIKES! So what are his criteria? There must be sports viewing and tailgate-type food. The answer, Wing Dome.

I don't dislike Wing Dome, but not the healthiest place. Also, many of the Wing Domes have closed, our favorite was the one on Denny on Capital Hill, so we had to drive out to Kirkland. We ordered the Fan Fest, which had 40 wings, a salad, and fries....mmmm...not so healthy. Wing Dome has a good selection of beers on tap and a full bar, a plus. Ordering was easy, since we ordered the Wing Dome Fan Fest. All we had to do was figure out what flavor wings. After much debate, we settled on the Thai Sweet Chili, Kamikaze, the #4, and Triple Garlic.

Besides the #4, all the wings were a little sweet, but overall HOT! We'll probably go to Wing Dome again. My son already said he wanted to go there for his birthday. Thank God that isn't until March!


SET, GO!!!!!

That's all she wrote..............

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