Sunday, July 24, 2011

A reason to go to Ballard...the Walrus and the Carpenter

So they describe themselves as "the elegance of France with the casual comfort of a fishing pub".  I love this place.  (Thank You Margot!)  I recommend it to everyone.  Walrus and the Carpenter.   

This place is casual, stylish, and intimate.  Even though the space is very, very small, it doesn't feel crowded.  One of my favorite things in the world is oysters on the half shell and a cold glass of French bubbly.  This is now my favorite place for my favorite things!!!

OK, go there for the awesome oyster selection, but save room for all the other treats!!!

Here's what I shared with my husband when I went:
A dozen assorted oysters- mp
The hama hama and the kusshi are always on the top of my list, no matter where I go.  The best oysters are from the Northwest, n'est pas?

Bread and Butter - 3 - Don't get your
panties in a bunch over "The bread is not free?"  OK, I have worked in the food industry forever, with so many people starving, you know how much bread gets thrown out-TONS!!!  Unless I am sitting at a 10 course dinner at a 5 star or michelin-rated restaurant, PLEASE, ask me before bringing bread.

Fresh Radishes, cultured butter, lemon oil - 6
I have never been a fan of radishes.  I buy them because my husband loves them and if I need garnish for hummus.  I wasn't going to try the radishes, but I am glad I did.  Changed my opinion of radishes forever.  Maybe I need to buy young, baby radishes, maybe it was the preparation, but YUM. 

Fresh Pea Soup - I forgot the price
Delicious.. velvety, fresh, tangy.  I didn't see this on the menu, so I think it was the Soup du Jour

Grilled Sardines, shallot, walnut, parsley - 8
Worth every penny!!!  Great flavor combination (don't you hate when people say that?)  Seriously, I only ordered this to see if the flavors worked together - YES THEY DO!!!

Steak Tartare, farm fresh egg yolk, toast - 12
I've had steak tartare at many places, even steak houses, and not everyone gets it right, for me anyway.  Too much filler, can barely taste the steak, etc., etc.  Many times if carpaccio is an alternative, I'll go for that instead.  Safe to say, the steak tartare at the Carpenter and the Walrus is fantastic!  You be the judge.

Last but not least, the sweet stuff:
Dinah's Cheese with curried apricots - 8
Medjool Dates, olive oil, sea salt - 8
So, they should serve these two together, but they don't, so the combination of the cheese and dates makes a great ending to the Walrus and the Carpenter experience.

YUMMY and I will see you soon!!!
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