Friday, July 29, 2011

Sushi Who? SUSHI ME, another conveyor belt sushi...we'll see

 I'm not gonna lie I am not a fan of anything in the Crossroads area in Bellevue.  When you grow up on Mercer Island a hundred years ago, the only reason to go to Crossroads is to pick up fresh, hot bagels from New York Bagel Boys.  Well, the bagel shop is long gone, so no reason to go to Crossroads, right?  Well, I have to admit, my son suggested we go to sushi, specifically, Sushi Me.  This was the second time he has suggested it, so since he'll be going back to college soon, I reluctantly agreed.  My husband, not a fan of any conveyor belt sushi at dinner, he stayed home and ate leftovers!

Gold Rush
No too busy for a Thursday night, we sat down right away.  Decor, nothing special, however, not bad.  OK, down to business!  I took a quick look and saw a few of the usuals, tuna, salmon, seaweed salad (thank God), California rolls, ok, fine...WAIT!!!  After I took what I thought was hamachi, strange things started coming around...  This crazy roll came around, looked like something from Lion King. The Gold Rush, a California roll, topped with sweet potato, tempura, and tobiko.  I don't ever get California roll, too boring, but my son likes it, so I gave the Gold rush a try.  I liked it, different anyway.

 This plate with 3 gushy brown balls came around before, but I just wasn't interested...TAKOYAKI.  Fried octopus chunks in eel sauce, I don't know, but I got it.  I'll get back to this later.

The Yummy
  We picked a few other things, Lobster-Salmon roll, the New York which has salmon-apple-avocado, the Crispy tofu with house sauce, the Sesame Balls, the Yummy roll, and seaweed salad.  My son may have grabbed some other items, but I don't remember.  For those of you who know me, this isn't the kind of sushi I would usually or ever choose.  I was so overwhelmed by all the crazy combinations and my son really liked this place, so I put my usual selections to the side.

I'm glad I tried Sushi Me.  Not your usual sushi joint, at all.  The quality of the sushi is good, I welcome the creativity that Sushi Me brings to the conveyor belt sushi world.  What I like the best is this is not a pretentious sushi bar and the other guests are casual and relaxed. 

OK, back to this wierd octapus ball, wierd.  It reminded me of a potato croquette, often found on the Kiddie Plate at some Japanese restaurants.  The chunks of grilled octapus didn't help the texture, but the crispy crust kinda brought it all together. 

Sushi Me, it's not for the sushi purists, but give it a try!  Sushi Me is a nice addition to the sushi world.
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