Sunday, July 24, 2011

Eastside Eats: Via Vita Cafe and Wine Bar

I met the owner of Via Vita at a business meeting some time back and she was so charming and excited about her cafe.  I love that!!! 

Not a celebrity chef, not a graduate of the CIA, but Janice Lawrence, a real person who loves good food, is the owner/operator of Via Vita Cafe and Wine Bar.  I had to go check her place out.

I was not surprised that on a Saturday morning, she was right there greeting guests at the door.  A breath of fresh air, REALLY!!!

The big windows at Via Vita keep things bright, so even a NW rainy day won't get you down.  I started with a cafe au lait, then went over the menu...hmmm...what shall I have?  I had just come from the gym, so I felt I must have burned enough calories to enjoy the DUCK FAT POTATOES, so I ordered the Basque Style Omelette - $12.
The basque style omelette comes with chorizo, piquillo pepper, parsley, and goat cheese inside and a side of DUCK FAT POTATOES!!!

I was quite happy with my selection, but I looked across the table and saw John's plate and couldn't stop staring at the mini brioche...must have bite...please?  John ordered the Saucisson Hash; duck fat potatoes, French sausage, 2 eggs, and mini brioche - $12.

Well, he offered, but I thought, I'll have to come back for my own brioche another time.

I had a great experience at Via Vita.  On my way out, I noticed so many YUMMY baked goods, I really have to go back soon!!!
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