Friday, July 29, 2011

Fitness Goal: Day 5

Breakfast: decaf Starbucks Via, 1 T cream, Splenda

Snack: 1 cup pasta, (1) slice Pepper Jack

Treat: (1) Fran's Chocolate Caramel - Let me explain.  What do I see on my desk when I come in today a beautiful little box with chocolates from Fran's   are you kidding!!!!!  Well I kept one and gave one away.  DELICIOSO!!!

OK, so here's the recovery meal...

Snack: (1) Granny Smith Apple, (2) slices Cheddar

Snack-Lunch: I had a tortilla with sliced tomato, (1) slice pepper Jack, (1) spanish Chorizo

more BAD behavior...I was watching Law & Order and I grabbed
Snack: a few hand fulls of Sugar Babies, I threw the rest of the box away

Dinner: Roasted Teriyaki Chicken, basmati rice, asparagus, chicken-pork-corn dumplings, wine, sparkling water
We didn't go out to eat as I had thought, my son and his friends came over for dinner, so we just ate the food we made for them

Dessert: a scoop of Captain America Swirl (not so good) at Baskin-Robbins

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