Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eastside Eats: Milagro Cantina

Looking for a little South of the border sunshine on a drizzly Northwest day...go to Milagro Cantina.  Start with the House Margarita: Tradicional 100% agave reposado, Patron Citronge, lime juice, lemon juice, agave.  Not bad.  Of course, you can get anything from the bar, see martini to the left.

In good ole "American" Mexican tradition, Chips and Salsa make an appearance upon arrival, but splurge and get the Tres Guacamoles.

The Guacamole de la Casa is avocado, roasted poblano peppers, garlic and cotija cheese.  The guacamole de mango is exactly as decribed with a few pine nuts.  Finally, the guecamole de granada is avocado with pomegranate and almonds.  To be honest, I couldn't pick just one, however, next time I'll stick to the more traditional guacamole de la casa.  I wasn't too hungry, so I chose to order another appetizer, Queso Fundido with chorizo and skip the entree, but there was plenty for me to share.

Cheesy, spicy, YUMMY!!!
Combinaciones: Mexicana.   So this is what my son ordered and will order it everytime.  Big plate for a big eater.  If you want a sampling of the great flavors Milagro Cantina hasto offer, this is a perfect choice.

Cheese Relleno, Rotisserie Chicken Enchilada, and Choice of Taco
Mariscos Enchilada.  OK, my husband alwaus picks the seafood entree at Mexican places.  I think it's funny.  However, one of our firsts dates was in Mexico at a great place overlooking the ocean and we had lobster tacos...I guess it makes sence.  Here'e the thing, Mexican places always seem to drown the seafood with a cream sauce.  What are they hiding?  Bad Seafood?  Well, I took a bite and it was delicious.  I wouldn't choose it unless I was splitting it, very rich.  My husband managed to eat every bite.
Churros.  Not impressed.  granted, they churros ARE FRESH, but the dipping sauce, "not my favorite".  I think the churros are SO GOOD at Barrio, with their chocolate sauce.  Any other churro would really have to blow me away!

Capirotada.  This dessert was a crumble of sorts.  It was ok.  I should have just had the ice cream with the sauce alone...DELICIOUS.

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