Sunday, July 17, 2011

RN74 comes to Seattle!!!

Seattle Fans of Michael Minna, your wait has finally ended.  RN74 is here!!!

On a rescent visit to San Francisco, we did not go to any Michael Minna eateries, because we were waiting to visit RN74 in Seattle.  We love StripSteak at Mandalay Bay and I recommend it to everyone going to Las Vegas.  Another new favorite is SeaBlue, also in Las Vegas, but focussing more on seafood.  Oysters, oysters, oysters...yummy, I should have had a fish entree, but the Porterhouse was calling my name.  Next time.

RN74 is a cool space located on the busy corner of 4th and Union.  I actually caught a glimpse of Michael Minna leaving RN74, then going outside the restaurant to catch a cab with, I think, his kids.
So, besides a celebrity chef sighting, beautiful and fashionable Seattleites can be seen here.  Despite the rescent showing on the "Worst Dressed in the Nation list", well 34th place, unlike our 1st plce neighbor Portland Oregon (ha, ha) , there are SOME chic and food savvy, in Seattle and I think they are hanging out at RN74.
So, we didn't intend to stay for dinner, just get a quick cocktail and a snack.  Hmmm...nice space, good seating, a few booths, I like it here!  We ordered our first cocktail and a few little bites to share.  Enjoying the last sip of my delicious cocktail, the Suedehead, the server described it as a refreshing "concentrated" mojito with a hint of fresh basil, perfect paring with my Shiitake Mushrom Tempura and aioli, $10.00 ($5.00 at Happy Hour).  This cocktail was so good, a blast of summer in Paris.  One nice thing and big deal to me, about the cocktails at RN74 is they are not served in a "super size" martini glass, but in a proper cocktail glass.  I don't know what has happend to some bars, but it's a cocktail, not a big gulp. 
Thank You RN74!!!

Small Plate: Grilled Lamb with white bean ragout, $10.00. 
Worth every drop!!!

Second little bite arrives and we decide to stay a little longer...
So, RN74 is suppose to be an urban wine bar featuring a combination of refined American and French cuisine with wine highlighting the burgandy region.  I love the interpretation that RN74 offers.  After I finished my fancy cocktail, I switched to a red burgandy...of course.  Despite the fact that my husband works in the wine industry, I usually depend on servers to recommend wines for me.  I know that servers will either recommend their favorite or something a little on the high end.  Well, the wine was delicious and went perfect with the lamb sausage, white bean ragout and roasted garlic.  The lemon zest and fresh arugula were a nice surprise to the dish and the lamb sausage...the best I've ever had!!!  I only wish I had a baguette to sop up the broth the beans were soaking in...YUM.

Hudson Valley Foie Gras Sliders with caramelized onion jus, sylvetta (wild arugula), and apple mustard, $16.00. 
I'd order this again, for sure!!!

I didn't want to do it, but I couldn't resist...Foie Gras Sliders with caramelized onion jus.  Are you serious????  So what if I was on a big foie gras boycott a little while back, it was everywhere, garnishing everything, STOP ALREADY.  Sliders, give me a break, they are on every menu, just get big girl burger and get over it.  OK, hold everything...FOIE GRAS SLIDERS.  Now that totally makes sence!!!  These little babies are better than I expected.  The bun is toasted and buttered (or something) and everthing between that bun is crack for foodie-food addicts.

We ordered the Pomme Frites, Trio of French Fries and Dipping sauces.  A little disappointing.  I know I'm talking about fried potatoes, but still.  When I went to Michael Minna's StripSteak in Las Vegas, my view of French Fries completely changed...FANTASTIC.  I thought who is this clever chef who has changed the face of French Fries forever.  Well, I did see the server pass us and circle the restaurant twice, before finally bringing the cold Pomme Frites to our table.  I thought the potatoes were different types, if they were, I couldn't tell.  The sauces were nothing special, the pesto was the best out of the three, which included an apple-yogurt dip and a tomato ketchup, at $8.00, I have to say, not worth it for potatoes.  I might order the frites again and blame this experience on the
"getting the kinks out of a new restaurant...whatever".

Chicken Liver Mousse with country bread crostini, a bargain at $8.00.
 Well, we couldn't leave now.  We were still enjoyoing our wine and decided to order the Chicken Liver Mousse with country bread crostini.  Not sure what was in the aspic, but I liked the sweet, tart, taste, it went well with the smooth and very rich mousse.  I really liked the crostini, which I found out was made with brad grom Grand Central Bakery, kudos to Chef Michael Minna, for including locally made bread.  We also ordered the Selection of Artisan Cheeses, $17.00.  Let's face it every restaurant does a great job with their cheeses, it's all in the presentation, n'est pas?  The cheese was served with some kind of gelee, but I don't think we got bread, wierd, but maybe the crostini that came with the chicken liver mousse was meant to go with the cheese too. Anyway, it didn't matter.  Who needs all that bread?

Hand Cut Beignets with salted caramel, MacCallan 12 Butterscotch
 OK, I DID NOT WANT DESSERT.  I know this is a first, but I really wanted to pick up a sweet treat from the Street Donuts food cart that we parked near.  I guess that will have to wait for another time.  My husband had heard that the Beignets at RN74 were very good.  There went my donut idea for later. 
I am convinced my husband ordered the beignets because he wanted to try an Oregon Scotch that was on the drink menu, which he did order.  The beignets are brilliant.  They arrived hot and crusty on the outside with light fluffy dough inside.  I thought the cup it was served with had a sauce in it, but as soon as I plunged my spoon in it, I found a lovely caramel pot de cream...YUMMY!!!
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