Sunday, July 10, 2011

Frozen yogurt...FAST!

I just need to say for the millionth time...I love my ice cream maker!!!!  It took years, seriously, to finally buy an ice cream maker.  Fear of "one more appliance", the horror of having my own ice cream maker, "I'll gain so much weight!!"  Who cares.  If you like ice cream and kinda like frozen yogurt, get an ice cream maker.

I usually have the stuff I need to make a frozen treat, milk, heavy whipping cream, yogurt, fresh fruit, sugar, nuts, chocolate chips, maybe not everything, but enough.  Today I found fresh cherries, almonds, and amaretto.  I had lowfat organic plain yogurt, so off I went to frozen yogurt land
Don't waste your money on a cherry pitter, I used a straw...easy.  You waste a little cherry, but at least you don't need to buy another gadget that will sit until who-knows-when?
I always put the ice cream container in the freezer after I clean it, so I don't have to wait for hours to use it.  So, assemble the ice cream maker, mix all the ingredients, pour in the ice cream maker, turn ON, wait 20 minutes...DONE.  Frozen treat ready.

Twenty minutes and yummy Cherry-Almond-Amaretto Frozen Yogurt.  So easy, so good!!!

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