Thursday, July 28, 2011

Zin Burger, Phoenix, AZ

 We have only grilled outside a handful of time this summer, if you can call it summer.  All over the country it looks like BBQ's might be banned due to possible FIRE!!!


OK, since summer is apparently NEVER coming to the Northwest, I am going to daydream about WARM sunny parts of the world.  Today I will visit Arizona...Ironically, the day I went to ZinBurger in Phoenix, AZ, it was RAINING.  Funny thing is that everyone blamed and thanked me for bringing the rain.  Well, no patio dining, but that didn't ruin my day...
There's a lot of yummy stuff on the menu, but since this was a work related lunch, I held back from ordering anything too unusual and everything under "Sides" and "Dessert".  I ordered the ZinBurger which comes with manchego cheese, Zinfandel braised onions and mayo.  So Good!!!  This burger should have been great with a glass of wine, but iced tea was fine too.
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