Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cooking with Kids!

My son, Tyler and my dad, Novelito with the famous Corned Beef.

Cooking with kids, an experience I cannot describe in one word. The key to keeping the experience positive is to keep the recipe simple and expect a big mess. Don't be afraid.
If all else fails... P B & J!

I am going to start posting Kid-Friendly recipes on Thursdays, that are both easy and approved by the pickiest eater. My son, the HS Senior is too busy to hang in the kitchen with mom. However, I have another kid helper in mind, if I can convince my Godson Zachary to join me after school. Zach and I have spent a little time cooking in the past...chocolate pudding, pumpkin pie, and tuna fish salad - is that cooking? I think it would be fun to try other recipes now since Zach is older. Zach has an older brother, Riley and a little sister, Chelsea, who might make a cameo in the "Baking" scene. Should be fun!!!

My Nephew Zachary sporting Tyler's Mexican Wrestling Mask...Boys will be boys!!!

Here's my other Godson, Lucas. He loves RICE! I spent time with him and his older brother, Max, this summer when their baby brother, Anderson, was born. Lucas is so cute, when I would cook something for dinner, he would quickly push the step stool over to the stove and say, "Can I cook?" You gotta love that.

I have tested many recipes over the years. The challenge I had for my picky eater was hiding the green stuff. I referred to Baby Let's Eat! by Patricia Messing during the toddler years and then Feeding the Young Athlete by Cynthia Lair, later when I needed a little help. I'll start digging out my my recipes and start sharing with you.

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