Saturday, September 12, 2009

LOLA, Seattle. Get the Doughnuts!

Start with LOLA's Wine by the carafe

then, go for the LOLA Sampler

I don't care if you are full or on a diet, get the LOLA Doughnuts!!!

The nice thing about LOLA is all the food is good. Nothing bizarre, no unidentifiable ingredients, it's all good. Not hard to figure out what to order since you can piece together "your" meal with "your" choice of dips, kebabs, and other Mediterranean inspired menu items. Unlike the traditional Mediterranean restaurants, the dips at LOLA have their own distinct flavors and are a nice mix of tradition with a fresh new Northwest twist.

~ ~ ~ ~

I recently went to LOLA with my husband and son. I have happy houred and lunched at LOLA many times before, but never dinner. This visit was with my picky teenager; not a fan of lamb or anything that comes from the sea. Also, I have been following the South Beach Diet, Phase II, so no pita for me. No problem, LOLA is the perfect place to eat if you are trying to be healthy and stay on a diet AND not in a bad way.

We started with the LOLA Sampler, a nice introduction to the LOLA menu. We ordered a few kababs, the chicken and the pork, and Dot's Spaghetti and the oh-so-yummy Smashed potatoes. More dips please, that's right, the portion on the dips could be a bit bigger. I totally understand the small-ish portions on the dips, looks better, cuter, whatever, but the dips are also a condiment to the kebabs and potatoes. Not complaining, just a thought.
Moving on to the GRAND FINALE, get the doughnuts!!! Don't even think twice. Fresh made perfect pillows of sweet dough perfection served with a creamy sweet cheese and perfectly sweetened jam...My God, it's the BEST!!!

~ ~ ~ ~
If you're going without kids, sit in the bar. The large space is a bit cold, which makes it perfect during the warm months. Looking for warm and cozy, go to the bar. You can order the same food from the bartender and sharing the meze with spreads and kebabs is the way to go. The booth seating in the dining room is great for families and a group of friends, and actually perfect for business meetings...a lot of space.

2000 4th Avenue Seattle, WA 98121

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  1. We saw your donuts on the Food Network with the lucious Giada, I wonder if she's as tasty as your donuts? Anyway beautiful donuts. Nothing like that here in San Diego. I was drooling as I watched her eat. A double drool over her and the donuts!!



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