Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wasabi Bistro, Seattle

When they ask if you want 3 or 6 piece, the 6 piece Hamachi Sashimi is $17.00.

I love Seaweed and Seafood Salad, here's what you get for $7.00.

It's been awhile since I've been to Wasabi Bistro, but sashimi sounded like a good idea on this warm Seattle day. Not in the mood for conveyor belt sushi and I wasn't sure if UMI or SHIRO's was open. Well, I don't remember ever disliking Wasabi Bistro, but it's not always on my radar for some reason.

Parking was a problem today because the streets have been torn up all around 2nd Ave in Belltown. No problem finding a spot on 1st Ave. A little walk up the block and then past the Pimp & Ho Show on 2nd Ave, and there we were. Nothing much has changed. Cool decor, funky Japanese touches, I always liked the looks of Wasabi Bistro. Nice staff, not a lot of people eating at 1:30pm.
Sashimi Bento and a Kirin Ichiban $13.00 & $5.00

We sat at the sushi bar, only one other person sitting there. Service was good...not busy. I'm not eating carbs right now, so no rice or beer for me. I ordered a la carte; hamachi sashimi and seafood & seaweed salad. My meal was good. The Hamachi was super fatty and the seaweed salad was good. John ordered the Sashimi Bento which came with miso, six pieces of assorted sashimi and rice, but the rice never came, oh, John had a beer too.
2311 2nd Avenue, Seattle
Japanese food is never a bargain, the Lunch Bento was a better choice today. We'll definitely come back to Wasabi Bistro, we always do!

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