Friday, September 4, 2009

TGIF - We all deserve a treat

Trixie Bakes Brownies
...sorry hubby snuck a bite of the Blonde Bombshell and didn't tell me
Try to imagine the perfect combination of a silky piece of fudge and a rich dense brownie. Pure Decadence. I found this perfect combination when I first bit into a Trixie Bakes Dulce de Lecherous brownie. Melts in your mouth.
Trixie Bakes makes 4 other flavors; Blonde Bombshell, Nut-Orious, Juiced Up, and In the Dark. I can't say I have a favorite. With each brownie, comes its own individual flavor package. Truly something for everyone.
I was not going to have sugar until tomorrow, but sassy Trixie on the package was calling my name. I tried hiding the sinful little treats in the freezer so I'd forget about them , but NO. OK, I have no guilt. Worth every bite, beside, I deserve a little happiness...TGIF and what a great way to celebrate!!!

Enjoy the long weekend.

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