Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eggs: Duck vs. Chicken

Organic Duck Egg vs. Naturally Nested large egg
Studies say there is no difference in taste between chicken and duck eggs. Well, I have to say, I am picky about my chicken eggs, I prefer the Naturally Nested large eggs. Eggs have got to be better from a happy vegetarian chicken who roams around freely in her newly remodeled cage free chicken condo. I will buy the Omega 3 eggs, but I don't really believe the hype and am reluctant to pay the price. My naturally nested eggs are from vegetarian fed chickens, so the omega 3 are better because the chickens get flax seeds? I eat flax seed, so I'm not missing anything.
OK, here's the REAL deal. My friend Andrew gave me 2 organic chicken eggs with beautiful blue shells and 1 duck egg. I fried 1 chicken egg and 1 duck egg in a combination of unsalted butter and extra virgin olive oil. I burst the paler and smaller chicken egg yolk and it was fine. Silky, smooth, yum. OK, the Duck yolk was bigger and better. The texture was silky and smooth, but much thicker. YUM. I saw organic chicken eggs at the Broadway Organic Farmer's Market and I think the duck eggs were $3.00 each...kind of a lot for one egg. I have to say, I wouldn't bake with duck eggs, because they are bigger and weigh more, might mess up your recipe. However, if you're going to have an egg, have a DUCK EGG!!! It's worth every penny.

My blue eggs look white on my black granite counter

Can you tell these are blue?

2 Blue Organic Eggs

One lonely blue organic egg and brown Omega 3 eggs

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