Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Whet My Whistle: Pearl Bar & Dining, Bellevue

It's Wednesday, the New Friday!
Although I would be missing the US Open, Happy Hour has started all over the Northwest. Today's watering hole of choice was Pearl in Bellevue. Happy hour starts at 3pm. Despite what you all think of the Eastside, Pearl is definitely worth checking out. Half price on Small Plates, Signature Cocktails, and select wine and beers. I met my cousin, who is in town from Arizona and my husband, who works in walking distance to Pearl. We arrived a little past 4pm and no tables were available. No big deal, the bar is always funner anyway.
I had the Silver Tequila Sour and it was delicious. Refreshing and a perfect combination of sweet, sour and a touch of lavender salt. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself. I should mention, our bartender, Jason (at least that's what our bill says) was very knowledgeable about drinks. I happened to see a bottle of Lucid, absynth available in the US, on the shelf and he was able to give us a few absynth facts. Whatever he was saying sounded good. Nothing worse than a bartender who doesn't know what's sitting in his bar and can't sell his product.

Kimchee Beef with house made sweet pickles

Fried Beecher's cheddar curds with romescu sauce

Smoked Salmon, Potato cakes, creme fraiche, and fennel Salad

We also had the Crispy Calamari with spicy sambol cream (I'm thinking they meant to say sambal. It tasted like sambal...I'll have to check on this.) The cheese curds tasted better with the calamari sauce. Just a thought if you ever order both items. The food is great!!!

I know it's Happy Hour, but Dessert is Dessert. Chocolate is chocolate, but this thing is a dream.

You just can't leave Pearl without the White Chocolate Banana Cream. Lightly whipped pastry cream with a white chocolate dipped shortbread cookie, bananas and house made butterscotch sauce.

Pearl Bar & Dining: 700 Bellevue Way NE, Suite 50, Bellevue, WA 98004

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