Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sushiman, Issaquah, WA

"Real" Crab California Rolls

Family dinner and no one is cooking. We had been talking pizza all night, but decided on Japanese. We didn't feel like driving into Seattle and we didn't want to go to any Bellevue Japanese places either. Tonight, we were not in the mood for sushi, however, we ended up at Sushiman. For some reason, we didn't know if Sushiman was still in business, not because anything was wrong with the place, but because the economy has forced so many restaurants to close.

Fortunately, Sushiman was open for business. Sushiman himself was behind the sushi bar. Not many people there for a Staurday night, but better than some places. The lighting was dark, as usual, I like that about Sushiman. They have created several private tables in such a tiny space.


I ordered the Shiosaba: Grilled Makerel, daikon, gyoza, and rice, also came with miso. My dinner was pretty good. The makerel was nice and fatty. I skipped the rice since I am avoiding carbs. However, I did have 1 piece of the California Roll. I didn't order the sushi, but my son likes California rolls.


My son got the chicken Yakatori-Don. It smelled good. He ate the whole bowl, so thumbs up.

My husband got the beef version of my son's meal. Honestly, his food looked a little boring. He didn't eat the whole thing, so he either hated it or he wasn't hungry. Who knows!
An ex-Mariner, Norm "The Sheriff" Charlton, came in with 3 other people. For those of you who remember the late 1990's glory days of the Mariners. Anyway, I noticed that the prices seemed a little high compared to some other Japanese places on the Eastside and Seattle too. Not a big deal. Japanese ain't cheap. I wasn't that hungry, not drinking and I wasn't having sushi, so I was a cheap date. We use to go to Sushiman a lot. If it wasn't for all the conveyor belt sushi places, with their instant food on demand, we'd probably go more often. We'll be back. 1000 times better than any conveyor belt.

670 NW Gilman Blvd Ste B1
Issaquah, WA 98027

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