Friday, October 2, 2009

The Lockspot Cafe

Touristy, maybe, but if you've got out of town guests, bring them to the Hiram Locks in Ballard, then grab fish and chips at the Lockspot Cafe. Nothing fancy, but the service is good and the staff is friendly. The fish is moist and tender. I wasn't a big fan of the shrimp or clam strips, but everyone else liked them. You can sit in or go to the walk up window and sit outside, if it's not too chilly or windy outside.

No bottle beer for me, they've got a lot of beers on tap.

How can you not trust a restaurant that's been around for 90 years?

My dad sipping the HOT Clam Chowder.

The Lockspot Sampler: Fish, Chips, battered shrimp, famous fried clams, house cole slaw, and plenty of tartar and seafood sauce.

This is enough for 2 to share for lunch. I shared this with my cousin who was visiting from the Philippines and we had plenty. I told her to make sure to dip her chips in tartar and ketchup, because that's what we do in Seattle. We both added the clam chowder. What can I say, good waiter, he said their chowder was the BEST.

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  1. It also remains one of the few places in Seattle with 1950's ambiance and also has a small but serious bar off to the side. It's like stepping back into 1955, also known as the good old days.
    Nice staff and very casual atmosphere. Love it.



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