Friday, October 23, 2009

High 5 Pie at FUEL Coffee

Drizzly day in Seattle, no big deal. Today I spent some time with my friend Andrew at his Capitol Hill digs. We ran a quick errand to Pioneer Square, then hunger struck. Great reason to search for PIE!!! We were partners in an organic baking company years ago, so we think we know everything about baked stuff.

Off to try High 5 Pies, only at FUEL Coffee. There were a few people in the cafe on their computers and a couple people chatting. Friday afternoon, doesn't anyone work anymore?
We decided to try the Flipside, the cute "little" handpies. Today there were 2 Savory flavors, potato-carrot-pea (sounds like an empanada) and mac 'n cheese. The Sweet flavors were, apple, cherry, and plum. I'm sure there was a fancy description for each flipside, but I don't remember.
OK, first bite of the mac 'n cheese, the crust is perfect. Andrew thought, "Maybe we should heat this up?" The flipsides are served room temperature, but at Fuel, there is a microwave to use. Back to the mac 'n cheese, yes, better warm. Andrew said, and I agreed, "I really want to like this". The mac 'n cheese flipside just needed a little bit of something, more cheese...salt...we couldn't put our finger on it. That's right!!! Mac 'n Cheese Pie Cherry Almond Crunch

OK, on to the cherry flipside, again great crust and the cherry filling was tart, sweet with a touch of almond. It isn't your stereo-typical cherry pie, but could be a little jucier. The cherries weren't super sugary, dyed a fake bright red and the texture tells us that it hasn't been over processed. This little pie is perfect with a cup of tea. YUM!

Well, we had no problem eating every crumb, so you go to Fuel, be your own judge and check out the pies at Fuel.

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  1. Hey, I just passed up Fuel....but the one on 45th in Wallingford. Anyway, I've never tried their handpies that you mention. I'll have to stop by and check them out....especially the mac & cheese one!



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