Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Palace Kitchen

The Palace Kitchen, still a Seattle favorite. It's been a long time since I have been to the Palace Kitchen, but once I walked in, I wondered what took me so long to come back. The busy bar scene reminded me of my San Francisco days where cool eateries were inside old buildings and packed every night. I was so happy to see there was at least one seat and a little elbow room at the bar where we could wait until we were seated. At Palace Kitchen, they have the Seattle waiting game down to a science. Maybe a little wait for a table, but great service at the bar. I don't mind waiting for a table, this gives me an opportunity to sit, sip a cocktail and take it all in. Besides, isn't this why we eat out, someone else is cooking, so relax.

beacon hill arugula
marinated beets, goat cheese, pistachios

I got the this yummy salad. I've said it before, I always order the beet salad. I'll remind you why, I hate dealing with beets. This combination of beets, cheese and nuts is always a favorite. The arugula was dressed with a nice tart vinaigrette and a perfect match for the peppery arugula. YUM.

My husband ordered the roasted parsnip soup with bacon, frisee and chives. I had a little taste. The silky pureed parsnip was lightly flavored. The addition of bacon...brilliant.

My son had the palaceville bratwurst, warm pretzel and apple mustard. Must be nice not to count calories. My husband & son fought over every crumb and mustard seed...enough said.

pumpkin-cheddar bread pudding
braised kale, caramelized onion, toasted walnut sauce

I am not a vegetarian, but I often order the vegetarian entree when I eat out. Why? I don't cook vegetarian at home. If I had a chef at home who would prepare AWESOME vegetarian entrees like this bread pudding, I would give up meat today! This entree was flavorful and had great texture. There were chunks of pumpkin in the bread pudding, which were slightly al dente, so you could really get the taste of pumpkin. Also, the addition of the braised kale was perfect. I'll either have to learn to make this at home, or keep going back to Palace Kitchen for more!!! So delicious.

wood roasted bershire pork loin
creamy grits, collard greens, quince jam

This was my husband's entree. I did not have a taste, however, he did offer a bite. I was told the pork was very juicy and the collard greens, not his favorite, was good. I did sneak a taste of the grits, very creamy, just enough salt and pretty good.

palace burger royale
wood grilled oregon country beef with nearly traditional accompaniments and fries

If you haven't guested, my 17 year old son ordered the BURGER. I wasn't offered a bite, so I don't know how the burger tasted, however, I stole a few fries and the tart aioli...perfectly crunchy on the outside and YUM. All the usual "accompaniments" were included, the only surprise was the pickled green tomato, very good. He devoured every bite.

valrhona chocolate pudding
malted chocolate chip biscotti & toasted hazelnuts

This is the reason why I love Tom Douglas...dalia triple coconut cream pie!!! I use to work next door to Etta's, another Tom Douglas eateries, and I would skip lunch and go straight to this beautiful, sweet, perfect little beauty. Worth EVERY BITE. YUM!

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  1. I've heard about this restaurant. I think it's actually in the Seattle Metropolitan magazine in last month's issue. The food looks delicious. I'll have to try that one out.



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