Thursday, October 8, 2009

Barrio - Bellevue

I attended college in San Diego, University of San Diego, and also met my husband there, he attended SDSU, the other school. Conclusion, I totally over-analyze Mexican food. I really liked Barrio in Seattle when I first ate there. The Churros and Xocolati Chocolate is a definite MUST HAVE!!! This visit was to Barrio Bellevue. I expected the same, but hoped for different...Bravo Barrio. The decor is totally different in Bellevue than in Seattle. I love that Seattle eateries are coming to Bellevue, but I really hope the Eastside version is NOT A COPY CAT.
I REALLY liked Barrio Bellevue. The space is cool, parking - no problem. The decor is totally different and I love it.
We started with the scallop ceviche which was served with plantain chips. Decent portion size for an Antojito (Appetizer). There are several items on the menu to make up a meal, but I went straight for the Combinaciones. I ordered the #2 - Chicken Chilaquiles and Tortilla Soup. The Chicken Chilaquiles is a layered tortilla casserole with chicken a spicy sauce and topped with a poached egg. Terrific! The egg yolk makes the dish silky and rich. The Tortilla soup was thick and slightly spicy. Perfect! My husband ordered the #1 - Chicken Taquitos and a half Barrio Chopped salad. I've had the Chopped before, the corn and the pumpkin seeds are a nice change from the usual Chop Chop Salad we are use to getting. No dessert today...too full.
The service was very good. I try not to go to lunch anywhere in downtown Bellevue anytime between 11:45 am and 1 pm, way too crowded. Overall, YUM! I hope to go to Barrio Bellevue again.
Scallop ceviche
Chop Salad and Chicken Taquitos

Chicken Chilaquiles

Tortilla Soup with chicken and black beans

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  1. If you like Mexican fare, you'll probably love La Carta de Oaxaca in Ballard. They have some of the best tapas (I guess more Spanish, but similar ingredients/dishes).



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