Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cafe Presse

Late supper starting off with a Pichet of Cote du Rhone and nuts.

Cafe Presse is the perfect place for a late night meal. First off there's no waiting if you eat after 8 pm. If you prefer to dine earlier, you'll have to check out the crowd yourself. The waitstaff is always happy and friendly, sometimes even French. The space is tight, yet cozy and comfortable. When I am dining with my husband, we usually opt to sit at he bar, not my preference. The tables are TINY, so bar or table, the space is the same. There's a lot of hustle and bustle in the front section of Cafe Presse, but the back section is quite the opposite, less noise and almost peaceful. It's always a little chilly in Cafe Presse, great in the summer, not so much the other night.

Order the Pain et Beurre, why not, it's French, trust me you'll need it for whatever you eventually order. I was a little shocked when I didn't see Onion Soup on the menu, but happy to try something new. We started with the Soupe aux haricot blancs with pistou grilled prawns. So smooth, rich, and delicious. Good to the last drop, this is where the Pain comes in handy.

We moved on to the Haricot verts, tomate, thon. The vinvaigrette wasn't spelled out on the menu, but I think I tasted white wine vinegar and a squirt of lemon. Again, the order of bread is needed to sop up the last of the vinaigrette. YUM!

Voila! The main event was the Demi-Poulet froid mayonnaise; Roasted half chicken served cold with mayonnaise and a grilled bread-tomato-radish salad. We usually order the Poulet roti a votre commande with pommes frites, roast chicken & frites, but you need to allow 1 hour and since we didn't order this when we sat down, we chose the cold chicken. Great choice! The chicken was moist and the salad was so GOOD. Grilled bread tossed in olive oil and capers with tomatoes and radish, great combination.

Another great meal from Cafe Presse!

This is what's left of the Haricots verts, tomate, thon: Green beans and tomatoes with marinated tuna and olives

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  1. I heard good things about this place. It's up in Cap Hill if I'm not mistaken. Looks like a tasty meal.



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