Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cooking with Kids: Pictures from The Madrona Famer's Market

So here's the challenge. How do you get your Jr. Jock nephew to be interested in food, and not just eating it? Hand him a digital camera and bring him to the market!!!

Oh, and not the SUPER-market, the Farmer's Market. Great place to find cool, weird, and interesting FOOD. The vendors love talking about their stuff, encourage everyone, especially kids, to ask questions and the kids love hearing about stuff...really!

The Madrona Farmer's Market is a smaller neighborhood market, so on a usual shopping day I could've been out of there in 20 minutes. When Zach & I went, we got through the market and Zach said, "Do you want to go around again?" I love it!!!
The vendors were totally cool and let Zach take pictures of the fruits and vegetables, even getting out of the way so Zach could snap the perfect pic. All the pictures that follow were taken by Zach. I have more pictures that I will share later. Oh, also, I did buy a few things at the market. I will share my recipes as soon as can.

Bush Scallop Squash...see Zach's shadow

Humongous Carrots

Creepy Cucumber

Big Ass Squash!!!

Purple "Looks like a brain" Cauliflower
Happy World Vegetarian Day!!!

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