Sunday, October 18, 2009

Anchovies and Olives

I don't know why it took me so long to visit Anchovies and Olives, but I finally got there! I fell in love with Chef Ethan Stowell's food years ago when my husband and I first ate at Union. The prefix Tasting Menu made our dinner choices easy. The menu at Anchovies and Olives is not as large as Union, but it IS very interesting, fresh and creative.

At 8:30 pm on a Saturday night, Anchovies and Olives was PACKED. We settled for a seat at the bar. The bartender was great and knew about every item on the menu, a big deal to me since we often opt to eat at the bar if the dining room is full.

Crudo: Kumomoto Oysters with pickled golden beets

We started with a few kumomoto oysters topped with pickled golden beets...clever! For some reason, I love to start my meal with fresh oysters. I have had oysters every way possible, but who would have thought to top a delicate kumomoto with beets, BRILLIANT.

Plates: Chioggia Beets with arugula, pistachios and anchovy dressing

I always order beets when I see them on the menu, why? I don't like messing with them at home. The Chioggia Beets are a smart choice. It is so nice to have beets served with something other than chevre or blue cheese. Don't get me wrong, I like the combination a lot, but I'd like to see something new. Beets and anchovy dressing with arugula and pistachios...YUM!

Plates: Fried Baby Hake with salsa verde

I love the presentation. Don't be afraid to dig into this fish, the skin is slightly crispy and the fish inside is so sweet. The fish is served with salsa verde, it brings a nice tart taste to the fish party.
Crudo: Hamachi with grapefruit, currants and pink peppercorn

I've never had Hamachi, yellowtail tuna, outside of a sushi bar, so I was so excited to see the Hamachi Crudo show up. I didn't think I would like grapefruit and currants with fish, but WOW, this was perfect. I will come back for sure and order this again and again.
Pasta: Gnocchi with geoduck, green beans, swiss chard and almonds
Hard to see, but the gnocchi was worth waiting for. I am a big fan of fried gnocchi, my recent favorite is the gnocchi at John Howie Steak, and this is one carb I cannot refuse. Another brilliant combination, gnocchi and geoduck. I thought the geoduck would be a weird texture with the gnocchi, but in combination with green beans and swiss chard and almonds, PERFECT.

Dinner is served every night from 5 pm to Midnight.
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