Sunday, October 11, 2009

No More Guilt...Fitness Re-Mix

My guilty pleasure.

Here's the plan, the next time I drive by Dick's Drive-In...KEEP DRIVING!!!

Say "Goodbye" to Fries, Dick's Special, and Dick's Deluxe

I've met with many Nutritionists and I've worked out with numerous Fitness Trainers. Now I need to gather all this information and get my fitness and nutrition program on track! My plan is simple, CUT OUT THE CRAP. I will be stocking up on ANTIOXIDANTS like blueberries, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. My Diet, for the next 2 weeks, I will be loosely following Phase I of the South Beach Diet. Cutting out white stuff for the next couple weeks: white bread, white rice, white sugar and, I may as well throw white vanilla ice cream on the list.

OK, but be real. I am still going to eat and cook delicious food!!!

Cauliflower is your friend. OK, this is the one white food that I will not be cutting out. Cauliflower when steamed and mashed, makes great "pretend" mashed potatoes.

Water, lots of water. Snack of choice... almonds. I buy my almonds raw and toast them myself, a few at a time. If I really need an afternoon treat, a decaf cappuccino with Splenda will be my new favorite. If you want to be really good drink Green Tea!

My Exercise Program
I will be following a Fitness Schedule I got from an previous trainer.

Day 1 (today): Arc Trainer for 45 minutes keeping my HR above 135
Day 2: 20 minutes cardio, I do the elliptical and then Resistance Training
Day 3: Elliptical for 35 minutes and Rowing for 10 - 15 minutes
Day 4: 20 minutes cardio and then Resistance Training
Day 5: Yoga or other Meditation ~ every day if possible
Day 6: 45 minutes cardio, anything, just keep moving
Day 7: Rest, Do something FUN!!!

This is the basic idea. I may take a spin or Zumba Class in place of the Cardio. If I take a Boot Camp class, I count it as a Cardio/Resistance day.


OK, one last bit, I take vitamin supplements. Nothing unusual, I just make sure to take a multi-vitamin and a vitamin D. Not always sunny in Seattle, so I could use the extra boost. Also, I take 2 baby aspirins every day.

Cheers! Here's a toast to good health.
FYI ~ Red Wine is good for your heart!!! Ask Dr. Oz.


  1. Wow, you have a lot of willpower to follow that diet. Good for you.

    I actually prefer brown rice over white rice anyway. It's a lot healthier and I guess I'm so used to it now that it even tastes better.

    You can actually have a "bad" meal or treat once in a while. It won't really kill you to do that. You should never deprive yourself too much of what your body craves, as long as it's in moderation and only once in a while. You can get away with eating those items that are considered to be unhealthy, as long as you maintain your normal healhty diet and exercise.

    Good luck with the diet and keep blogging about those healthy (or even unhealthy) foods!

    ps-Dick's Drive-In is ok. I don't mind their fries and shakes. If there was an In-N-Out Burger here, that would be deadly though.

  2. Roasted cauliflower is delicious. Get a Vitamix (expensive, but worth it) and make smoothies-a great way to eat things you might not otherwise. Sweet potatoes, green stems, carrots and any fruits can be blended up with some good fat and protein powder (whey is best, but be careful). Almonds are a good snack, but are high in calories still. I might take splenda with a gun held to my head, use stevia instead as it's entirely natural. Skip the aspirin (stomach bleeding and plenty of evidence that its benefits are a myth). Add CoQ10 and fish oil (or some other animal Omega 3). Blah, blah, blah.... I preach about these things, but actually do know a little. Have fun. Cheers, George

  3. Thanks for the comments!!!

    NMOS, I grew up in Seattle, and then went to college in S.Cal. I LOVE Dick's Drive, In-and-Out Burger second.

    George, Do you have a blog or website? I've got to stop listening to Dr. Oz.

    Thx! Gracie

  4. No. I have a blog, but no website and haven't posted anything new to it in a couple of years. It was mostly a travelblog of my almost-year in Asia. Some good snaps and witty observations. See here: not much to do with food or health.

    Dr. Oz is sort of a split personality. Some of his diet type health stuff is great, but he's also a tool of big pharma to a degree. Listen to this guy: Best health information out there and not too left wing nutty. Good source of supplements too.

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