Saturday, October 10, 2009

Terrine de Campagne

The Terrine...ahhh, complete.
Well, a few days went by and I went back to my friend Chef Renata's home to check on the Wooly Pig stuff. The day I helped Chef Renata in making sausage with her Wooly Pig, we also made terrine. OK, I assisted Renata in making the terrine, but I did not pay attention to quantities or anything. Pork, eggs, cognac, nuts, herbs, shallots, truffles, salt, pepper and a bunch of other stuff.

I saw her looking at some notes and books, but of course, I didn't pay attention. Julia Child's recipe? Maybe, but for some reason, I thought she was reading a book that was not in English. She was mumbling Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese, not sure.

the addition of Black Truffle

gently wrapping the terrine in pork fat and then placing in the bain marie
Actually, her recipe has been in her family for 400 years, and changed many times. The "Country Terrine" or Terrine de Campagne, recipe was handed down to Chef Renata from her French Great Aunt Marie du Preaux. The nice thing about Renata's terrine is that she does not add liver. If you don't like terrine because you don't like the taste of liver, this terrine is for you. Renata's recipe is a family secret, so you can't make this at home.
I am use to having terrine with a slight taste of liver, not like a pate, but just a hint.
I don't have a recipe to share with you right now, but I will be making my own terrine in the near future. If my terrine turns out, I'll share my recipe!!!

The terrine was delicious. My husband devoured the whole portion we were given.

As for the rest of the Wooly Pig...The Prosciutto has 17 more months to go...can't wait. The bacon is still curing in the fridge. The sausages are in a holding pattern, last time I checked, Renata couldn't decide between air dry or cured, or smoked, Too Be Continued.

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