Thursday, August 13, 2009

DAY 12 - Craving Mexican Food

So I've been craving Mexican food for weeks. Not South Beach Diet friendly. After a morning of running errands, no workout, blah, blah, blah, my husband suggested to go to a Mexican restaurant in Seattle, Barrio. We finally got going to lunch at 1:30 pm.

Chips & salsa doesn't come to the table "free", which was good, since I am not eating carbs. Of course, the menu looked GREAT! When I get into Phase II, I am going back for more. OK, I ordered the Chopped salad and Pozole. I asked if they could keep the corn out of the salad. A little hard to keep the hominy out of the Pozole, so I just waited for the food to come. John ordered guacamole which came with tortilla chips and a Modelo Negro (beer). I used the chips as a tool to get the guacamole from the bowl to my mouth...delicious. No beer for me, just water.

John & Tyler got tacos with chorizo and flank steak served with rice and drunken beans. My salad was good, chunks of avocado and toasted pumpkin seeds. The pozole, if I wasn't on the South Beach Diet, would have been awesome. I couldn't get around the hominy, a couple might have accidentally gone down my throat. Dessert, dessert, DESSERT. I ordered french press decaf coffee. John & Tyler shared "Churros and Xocolati Chocolate". John said the churros were the best he's ever had. Hmmm. I dipped my finger in the chocolate, delicious. I am definitely going to go back to Barrio, however, I need to check my Phase II food list to see what I can get.

(B) fried egg/ leftover steak/ sugar-free lemonade
(S) mozzarella stick/ turkey/ jelled ricotta
(L) chopped salad/ pozole/ water/ decaf coffee
(S) mozzarella stick/ sugar-free candy
(D) 4 meatballs/ water

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