Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 2: Monday, Monday...

Remembering colder days in the GARDEN.

Well, I ended yesterday with YOGA, it was just what I needed.

Today I didn't really have a meal plan. No gym today, however, GARDENING was on the agenda.

(B) 2 egg omelet with zucchini and ham/ camomile tea/ water/ vitamins
(S) sugar-free cherry jello/ water
(L) chicken breast/ zucchini/ string beans/ water
(S) unsalted peanuts/ water

(D) I am making steamed clams with scallions. I am also baking bread and steaming some corn for my husband. If I wasn't on Phase 1, I would have the clams, bread and wine...yum. Today, I will nibble on celery or snap peas, if I am still hungry. No Wine.

I have been reading about exercise and The South Beach Diet, it's not really needed to lose weight. I will continue with my regular program - 2 days resistance training and 3 days cardio for an hour. The only thing I am adding is either YOGA or PILATES in the evening.

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