Saturday, August 15, 2009

DAY 14: The Last "Phase I" Supper

As of today, I've lost 8 pounds. Happy? Yes!

No work-out today. Seriously, TOO Busy.

I attended my friends fathers funeral today. Too sad to go into detail.

My son left for Arizona today to visit my cousin and check out University of Arizona.

(B) 1 hard boiled egg/ cheese stick/ V8/ water
(S) sugar-free hard candies
(L) cucumber/ tomato/ lamb/ water
(S) peanuts
(D) "Happy Hour" at Barolo: tuna tartare/ veal carpaccio/ arugula salad/ baby octopus & garbanzo beans...and a glass of Chianti

I realize wine isn't allowed until Phase II, but I decided today was a celebration of my weight loss so far!!! Right or wrong? We'll see.

So what do my husband & I decide to do? Make Tiramisu. I haven't made a Genoise in years and it was obvious. I wasn't paying attention and mixed all the sugar in with the flour. I took forever mixing the egg with the sugar. I forgot to butter & parchment the cake pan. Blah, Blah.

We're going to try again tomorrow. Night!

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