Friday, August 14, 2009

"Friday" DAY 13 - Pot Roast

Drizzly day in the Northwest. Great day for the gym!

Workout: 58 minutes and 495 calories burned
Cardio: 20 minutes Arc Trainer
Resistance Training: 3x - 30 seconds each
Military Press with kettle bell (8#)/ sit-up on Bosu/ dead lift with row (25#)
Cardio: 5 minutes Row and 20 minutes cycle

Again, I know there is a second half of my resistance training that I am ignoring. I will add that in when I complete Phase I in the South Beach Diet.

My son is flying to Arizona tomorrow to both visit my cousin, his favorite relative, and visit University of Arizona. I asked him what he wanted for his pre-trip dinner and he couldn't decide. I had already planned on making Pot Roast. My son doesn't like anything with a wine taste or tomato, so I have to make my Pot Roast with beef broth as the cooking liquid. In addition, my son isn't a big fan of carrots, so I will only add onion, garlic, and celery. The Pot Roast will be served with rice.

(B) 1 egg/ tomato/ ham/ iced decaf coffee
(S) sugar-free hard candy/ water
(L) poached salmon/ broccoli/ cucumbers & tomato salad
(S) peanuts/ water
(D) sliced beef/ celery/ water

One more day and I can have bread and wine again. Well, maybe just a little bit.

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