Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday, Monday...the return of Phase I

I didn't post Sunday's food log. It wasn't bad, but I had my cousin & her boyfriend over for dinner and was too tired to blog. I made a nice Mediterranean spread; hummus, babaganouj, veggies, etc, etc.

Worked out with Kettle Bells on Sunday and AGAIN, forgot the pain comes the next day. I always think, "That was not that hard", then I couldn't get out of bed the next day. I had already agreed to a Monday workout with my friend, which was the best thing for me. Mostly cardio and arm and shoulder stuff.

(B) 2 egg scrammble with spinach & parm, tea, water
(L) chop chop salad, water
(S) nuts, sugarfree jello, dark chocolate
(D) beef pho (no noodles) with veggies, diet coke, water

School started today which is bittersweet for me. My son is a senior and getting ready to start the college process. Excited for him, sad for me.

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