Friday, August 7, 2009

DAY 6 - Eating FRENCH on the South Beach Diet

(B) 2 fried eggs/ water
(S) decaf coffee with half&half and splenda/ mozzarella cheese stick
(L) BluC Sushi: 3 pieces hamachi/3 pieces salmon/ 2 bites seaweed salad/ water

Went to see "Julie & Julia". Had to stop at the Candy Factory to get sugar-free candy. OK selection, got Swedish Fish. Wierd to go to a movie and not have butter popcorn, pop, and raisinettes. The movie was not bad. I felt the crowd was mainly 55 and older, much older. Feeling inspired by Julia's cooking, I made a French inspired dinner.

My stomach has been gurgling...was it the sashimi or the candy? While my husband made himself a cocktail, a Journalist to be exact, he also made a club soda and lime for me. One more week no wine.

(D) Dijon Chicken with herbes de Provence, wrapped in puff pastry. I didn't eat the puff pastry.
Roasted Organic Grape Tomatoes and Broccoli & Cauliflower sauteed with lardons. I realize lardons are not on the South Beach list, I just didn't want to make plain steamed vegetables.

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