Sunday, August 9, 2009

DAY 8 - Plum Harvest

No bike ride. Unfortunately, I let my son take my car last night, he spent the night at his friend's house, AND our bikes are in the back. Darn! Just kidding really. It's overcast outside and we decided to sleep in and watch random Sunday tv, with the exception of "Bollywood Hero" on IFC on Demand.

(B) 2 egg scramble with spinach and feta/ decaf coffee with skim milk, splenda & cinnamon

Almost noon and we'll eventually head over to my parents' house to help harvest plums. The tree is in desperate need of pruning, many of the plums are impossible to pick because they are too far up there. I laugh to myself each year when I watch my very short, Filipino short, family try to get that one perfect plum, which is far beyond reach. In most cases, after shaking the branches, the "perfect" plum will come down AND fall to the ground, only to be watched with sadness...however, someone will brush off the dirt, it's fine.

(L) greek salad/ cauliflower/ turkey lettuce wrap
(S) peanuts

I can't have fruit until next week Phase II. I will freeze what whatever plums are left, from my share of the harvest, that John & Tyler don't eat. Apparently, my uncle has made a plum pie for all of us to eat. I will have to be very clever with my reason for not eating the pie today. I have been on SO MANY diets, if I say I am on a diet, EVERYONE will either say, "Oh, it's just a small piece", or "You don't need to diet, just don't eat too much rice". Typical of my family. Love 'em, but I'll just have to say I have a stomach problem or something.

later in the day...
Went to the gym: 37 minutes on the treadmill=297 calories
I read the bit in The South Beach Diet about exercise; 20 minutes of walking a day. Hmm. Well, that would be going backwards for me, so I am going to get my regular workout back on track.

(D) skinless chicken/ ham/ shrimp/ tomatoes/ cukes/ water

Turned out to be a sunny and warm day. I made it through dinner at my parents' house without plum pie, rice, or wine. We picked a bunch of plums, which I will be either freezing, or giving away to friends. My parents also had heirloom tomatoes and figs from their friends and tomatoes from their garden which I picked for myself. I picked a couple green tomatoes which I plan to make Fried Green tomatoes with...for John & Tyler.

(S) sugar-free popcicle

One bit of sad news. My best friends' dad, who is also a close family friend, passed away tonight. I will be sending my thoughts and prayers to her and her family.

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