Friday, August 21, 2009

TGIF - A Bowl Full of Noodles

It's Friday and I had a lunch meeting at I Love Pho. Rice Noodles galore. Well, without making a big deal, I ordered the prawn & squid with extra veggies, no carrots. I was fine until I was left with a bowl full of noodles.

(B) 1/2 chicken breast, water
(S) sugarfree hard candy
(L) prawns, squid, veggies in broth, water
(S) cashews
(D) gravlax, whole grain bread, zucchini carpaccio, cheese, water

Workout: Spa Day. I got to the gym and marched right into the steam room.

I must say, I love Kalyn's Kitchen! I've been working a weekend project all day which took me all over the place. Tired.

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