Saturday, August 8, 2009

DAY 7 - Oysters on the half shell

Another Saturday, when you're unemployed, everyday is Saturday.

(B) mozzarella cheese stick/ 6 oz. V-8/ iced water
(S) 2 fried eggs/ ham/ 3 grape tomatoes/ coffee w/nonfat milk & splenda/ water
(L) meatballs with tomato sauce/ fennel salad/ sparkling water
(S) mozzarella stick/ sparkling water
(D) 12 raw oysters with ponzu/ caesar salad/ sparkling water

So far so good. I lost more weight today. Total loss 7 lbs.

John & I went to the Farmer's Market today. Hard to look at all the beautiful fruit and know I can't have any for one more week. We bought a pint of blueberries and 1 pt of raspberries. I plan to make blueberry pancakes for John & Tyler tomorrow.

I am considering staying on Phase 1 for an extra week. So far I haven't suffered too much. Maybe it helps that I don't have to go to work every day. In the past, I would REALLY NEED TO PLAN my meals. I use to work at an athletic club and probably only lost 3 lbs. in the 2 years I was there. I did however learn a lot about fitness.

Making plans to either go on a 30 mile bike ride or maybe just go to the gym tomorrow.

I am ending the day with a sugar-free fudgcicle.

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