Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday - Steak House Dinner

Just another lazy Sunday. My husband made blueberry pancakes. Whole wheat, it couldn't hurt, right? I must admit halfway through, I had a little tummy ache. Was it in my head or was my body in shock...who knows. I might go back on Phase I tomorrow. We'll see.

Overall, not a bad day. I woke up too early, however, got to the gym. Good thing, family dinner was at Ruths Chris tonight. I passed on the bread and the garlic mashed potatoes, didn't miss anything. Couple bite of dessert...hmmm...I'll weigh myself in the morning.

(B) blueberry pancake with butter, cheese stick, blueberries, 1/2 apple, water
(S) decaf iced coffee
(L) ham & turkey sandwich (half bread), water
(S) sugar-free candies
(D) 3 oz steak, 3 prawns, green beans, 2 T creamed spinach, wine, asparagus salad, sorbet, 2 bites chocolate cake, berries & cream, decaf coffee

Workout: All Cardio
10 treadmill, 20 cycle, and 20 arc trainer

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