Monday, November 9, 2009

The Best Bar Food at SPORT

All right people, I have to admit, I don't really follow football and I really don't get the rules. Hard to believe I was a cheerleader in high school, seriously. Well, unless it's Super Bowl, I am not packing my house full of "Football" food. Chips, Dips, Wings and Tings, yes, I said, "Tings!"

Thank God for John Howie's SPORT. If you have to have Game Day or Bar Food, you may as well eat the best Seattle has to offer. For the avid, or not-so-much, sports fan, SPORT is the best place to hang out, watch the game, or games, and have a great meal. Flat Screen tv's are everywhere, even outside, if you want to go there. Brrr. Don't get me wrong, the occasional bar, BAR, is a great place to watch "the game", but you can't always count on good, or even, ok food.

Like all other John Howie eateries, the food is GREAT. Don't be fooled, nachos are not just nachos here, they are NACHOS!!! I wasn't counting calories tonight, but if I was, there were many other options. I love it when every nacho you eat has the perfect amount of cheese on it. You're with me on this one, right? Not only does every chip have cheese, but the chips are not your stale ballpark chip. I could have sworn someone was back there rolling out the tortilla dough, cutting out each chip and frying each one just for me. I could eat those chips plain. I swear.

We intended on just eating "finger food" but my husband ended up ordering the steak. Wierd, I thought, until I took a bite of his steak. Juicy, Beefy, YUM. I thought I was at John Howie Steak. Of course the steak comes with fries, or should I say, "Frites". Perfect.

Where's the game day food, well, my son ordered the Hot Dog. Again, not just your ordinary Ball Park Frank. This dog was juicy, plump, a little spicy and FULLY LOADED! A big fat wiener with onions, cheese, jalapenos, chili and everything else you would want on the best hot dog ever.

Somehow, I stopped myself from eating everything in front of me, so I could save room for dessert. Ice Cream Sundae and chocolate chip cookie, HERE I COME!!! I shared with my husband, so I didn't devour the sundae alone. Perfect ending.

Just in case you're wondering, there is also a decent wine list, full bar and great beers on tap.

Typical teenager choice: Hot Dog, Fully Loaded.

What's the husband order? Steak and Fries, duh!

OK, I just was not going to order a salad, surrounded by all that testosterone. I got the Nachos with Texas Chili, sour cream and guacamole too!

That was an Ice Cream Sundae...YUM!

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  1. Mmm sometimes you just need nachos. Bars are just tempting places. I had a quesadilla lapse just last week!

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  3. I always pass by this place (across from the Space Needle at Fisher Plaza) but I've never been. Maybe when there's a big football game on, I'll grab some friends and head there. The food looks delicious there. I might have to try those nachos!



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