Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Gravy

OK Tony Soprano fans. I'm not going to post this recipe, because I really think you should get the book and besides, I would be typing all night!!! I laughed when my husband said he saw a good recipe in The Soprano Family Cookbook. We can't remember if the book was a gift, since my husband was a big fan of The Sopranos, or if one of the morning shows plugged the book and we went out and bought it...hmmm. Anyway, we love the book.

My first introduction to The Soprano Family Cookbook was years ago when my son, Tyler, cousin, Melissa and I tagged along with my sister, Maria and brother-in-law, Ravi to go skiing. We have all grown up skiing, but on this particular day, I tried Snowboarding. Whatever. Thank God, the instructor was pretty strong and was able to pick me up and turn me around so my butt wasn't always pointing down the mountain. Well, we all had fun!!!

When we got back to our house, my husband had made a nice big pot of Sunday Gravy, pasta, and garlic bread. YUM. Subsequently, Maria and Ravi liked the Sunday Gravy too. They went out and got the book and we enjoyed it again the next week...YUM.

I made a big batch of Sunday Gravy a few weeks ago and froze some it. Once again, we love Sunday Gravy. Supper easy dinner. Just add pasta and garlic bread. Perfect post-Thanksgiving meal! We are so sick of turkey and ham, aren't you?

Here's the recipe...(get the book-you won't regret it!)

Get everything ready...

olive oil, garlic, Italian peeled tomatoes, basil, ground pepper,

pork spareribs, Italian sausage, veal stew meat...

simmer, simmer,

add the meatballs and EAT!

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  1. Wow, that does look good. I'd even substitute that for my turkey gravy on Thanksgiving. Haha.

    And to answer your question, no.....I'm not sick of turkey or ham. I could eat those every day. I could eat anything everyday.



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