Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chocolate Cake Day

When you have a chance, have a Chocolate Cake Day, you deserve it.

My nephew Max, getting sized up before getting on the rides at Hershey Park

Sometimes you just have to "have your cake and eat it too!" Today was one of those days. Not a holiday, no birthday celebration, just Chocolate Cake Day. I was going to dig out an old chocolate cake recipe, but then I remembered the time I went to Hershey Park with my nephews. They are so Cute and the perfect age for a theme park. Anyway...How can you not trust a Chocolate recipe from Hershey? I know my Pastry chef friends and perhaps a few of my business partners from my Organic Bakery days, will disagree and suggest I use only Callebaut or E. Guittard chocolate for my cake, but what the hell!!! Well, I tried the Hershey recipe out and YUM. I followed the recipe exactly and I used my homemade vanilla for the first time.

YUM, YUM, YUM...period.

I did not grow up in a house where dessert would be served after every meal. As a matter of fact, in a Filipino house an imported, most likely a Cadbury or Toblerone chocolate bar is expected, but chocolate cake, a rarity. I am not complaining that there was a lack of sweets in my youth. Desserts like Leche Flan, Bibinka, Suman, Halo Halo were around on occasion, but cake, especially chocolate cake, NO.

Here's the chocolate cake "pre-frosting" cooling on the rack...look how moist.

When I took a bite of my chocolate cake, it reminded me of the days I would go to my best friend, Becky's house and and hope that I would be invited for dinner so I could end the meal with a piece of her mom's DELICIOUS Chocolate cake.

click here for the recipe HERSHEY'S "PERFECTLY CHOCOLATE" Chocolate CakeHere's my little sister and her family as we are leaving Hershey Park. Fun was had by all!!!

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  1. You're giving me permission to eat cake cake cake. Do you have any idea what you've just done??



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