Friday, November 6, 2009

Finding Zen at Zao

My friend Lara and I met for a workout at the gym the other day and afterwards went for a well deserved lunch. We didn't want to eat at the club, so we chose Zao Noodle Bar at University Village. Zao has been around for a few years now and boasts healthy we went!

OK, may not be that healthy beverage choice after a workout, but when lunching with a good friend, sake is in order. I had the cold and Lara had the warm sake. Mmmmm, I must say, this was perfect on a drizzly Seattle day.

Sake is served.

I ordered the Chili Beef Ramen. Grilled marinated beef in a spicy broth with carrots, cabbage and bean sprouts with ramen noodles. I really like ramen, this ramen was good, but needed something. I liked the spicy, but lacked salty. Perhaps, Zao is trying to offer healthy, so they went low sodium. I won't order this again.

Lara ordered the Vietnamese rice noodle bowl: 5 Vegetables & Tofu, a Zao Specialty! Squash, zucchini, carrots, cabbage & broccoli sauteed with tofu topped with peanuts served with soy-lime dressing.

Midway through our meals, Lara & I traded meals. I liked her much more than mine and oddly enough, she liked my meal better too. The rice noodle bowl had all the yumminess that my ramen lacked. The cilantro, chives, basil, and mint were the perfect blend to marry with sambal and peanuts mixed into the vermicelli...YUM!

Thanks Lara, we'll have to do lunch again!

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  1. ...mmm looks like you guys had a delicious and healthy lunch! great pics.



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