Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wild Ginger Bellevue

I've been a fan of Wild Ginger since the days they lived on Western. Everyone loves their current swank digs on 3rd & Union in Seattle. Great space. Good Food. Fun place to hang out!

I have eaten at all the new restaurants at Bellevue's Hot Spot, The Bravern, but haven't gone to the Wild Ginger, until this week. The Wild Ginger at The Bravern is on the other side of Neiman Marcus as Artisanal's 2 places and John Howie Steak. At Wild Ginger, love the big doors at the entry, just like the downtown Wild Ginger, friendly hostess greets you with a smile, then you enter the big huge space. I noticed the BIG SPACE trend at other Eastside locations like at El Gaucho, Purple, Barrio, and Blu C Sushi. Weird at first, because I wanted the same feel as Seattle, but glad the Eastside Wild Ginger has it's own look, it's own feel, it's own cool style. I know the food is the same, but for some reason it tasted better. Wild Ginger Bellevue, we're glad you moved into the neighborhood!!!

Lamb Satay with peanut sauce, rice cake, and pickled cucumbers. The lamb is perfectly marinated, everything on the side is YUM and the portion is larger than your usual 2 bites.
Grilled Halibut Lettuce Cups. I've had this before, perfect blend of Asian flavors with a hint of fresh & fun. Finger food at it's best. Don't worry about making a mess, the server will bring a warm towel so you can clean up before you get the next course.
Fragrant Duck and Steamed Buns, this is why I keep going back to Wild Ginger. The duck is great, but the steamed buns are a Gift from the Food Gods.

OK, the slick server easily talked us in to the "bottled" water, even though the Northwest has excellent tap. My friend, Chef Ron, ordered Don Julio Tequila...whatever, guy thing! For me, let me tell you about my lovely Pink Drink, the Tropical Cruz. I am usually a Manhattan Girl, but we're at the Wild Ginger. The Tropical Cruz, love the name, especially now that it's a little chilly outside, a blend of Cruzan Guava Rum muddled with fresh lime and grapefruit, YUM.

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  1. The duck & steamed buns got me. Now I have to go to this place and try it out. There's a Wild Ginger and also a Thai Ginger, right?



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