Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What the Pho?

OK, there are tons of Pho places around, but the name of this Pho place is funny. I've eaten here a few times before and the pho is not bad. The menu is huge for a mainly lunch place. Service is fast and friendly. Water comes with lemon, isn't that funny? OK, it's the marketing people at What the Pho who get an A+ for coming up with this name. Catches you eye, right. Come on, it's funny.

What the Pho does a great business in downtown Bellevue and is packed by 11:25 am Monday to Friday. Not super clean, but not dirty. No great decor, but not too tacky. It is what it is and I keep going back.

I always get the Taro Bubble Tea with tapioca: Flavored tea blended with ice and non-dairy creamer. Not a low carb choice, but I like Bubble Tea.

I usually get Pho when I eat at What the Pho. Today, I went light and ordered the Goi Cuon Spring Rolls: Vietnamese pork ham, shrimp, lettuce and vermicelli noodles rolled in fresh rice paper served with peanut sauce. Another carb loaded choice, but light, refreshing and yum.

My husband ordered the Thit Nuong: Charbroiled Marinated Pork . Ironically, he hates Pho. Not a soup guy unless it's creamy tomato with a grilled cheese sandwich.

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  1. Hey, I actually passed by this place a couple of days ago when I went to Bell Square. Nice review. If you want to try some other good pho places, you should try Thanh Brothers in Ballard or Sea Garden in the ID.



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