Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Fitness Program: Week II

Fitness Trainer Tim Koffler
Sunday: Rest
Tuesday: 30 Cardio/ spin
Wednesday: Power Walk w/ my friend
Thanksgiving: Resistance Training
Friday: 30 Cardio/ Step Mill
Saturday: Resistance Training
I feel like I should have done more cardio because of Thanksgiving, but I didn't pork out on Thanksgiving, so no biggie! My husband did resistance training both times with me this week, so it went by quickly. Next week, he'll only get to workout with me on the weekend. OK, all the business travelleres on my Christmas list...Stocking Stuffer!!!

Ending Sunday, November 22, 2009
Holiday Fitness Program: Week 1
Sunday: Resistance Training with Trainer

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Cardio-Arc Trainer/ 30 minutes

Wednesday: Cardio-Step Mill & Row/ 30 minutes

Thursday: Resistance Training

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: Cardio-Row & Elliptical/ 30 minutes

Overall, I feel good about the week. This week will be challenging with Thanksgiving on Thursday and cooking/baking all week.

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