Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chef Demo...Future Chef or Photographer?

I just wanted to share this awesome experience with you. I took my nephew to the farmer's market and gave him a camera to take pictures if he wanted to (since I always do). Zach took some cool pics that I posted earlier, but I also took pictures of him.
Chef Michael King from St. Clouds in Madrona was doing a food demo, so Zach started snapping away. Notice there was also a professional photographer with his cool camera taking pictures. The other photographer got a kick out of seeing Zach too. He let him check out his "Real" camera...very cool.Here's the awesome thing about youth, no fear. This was up close and personal, no zoom.
Poised to take the perfect shot.

Hmmm, who taught him about "Pre-Visualization"?

Another cool thing about Zach, which is totally opposite from my son, is that he is open to exploring and trying new food.

Excuse me, I think I hear someone knocking at the door...
Bon Appetit is looking for a new photographer.

Thanks Zach!

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