Saturday, November 28, 2009

San Francisco Stuff: Citrus-Cranberry Sauce

I've been holding on to this recipe since I was in college. I lived in a cool San Francisco studio in Lower Haight and depended on the San Francisco Chronicle to satisfy all my culinary curiosities. I didn't have a lot of cash in those days, so I didn't eat at all the cool SF eateries all the time. However, my friends and I often got together and had dinner parties. We all loved food and learning about new wines and other "Stuff". Anyway, one Thanksgiving, I made this cranberry sauce and I've made it every year since.

I have shared this recipe with many friends and family members. This is fresh and a 100% better than anything that might crawl out of a can!!! This sauce is great with turkey, but I put a little on pumpkin pie and sometimes make a quick appetizer with crackers and Manchego cheese. YUM.

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